Tan Tien ward, La Gi township, Binh Thuan provice, Viet Nam
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  • Thay Thim Palace

    Introduction: Thay Thim Palace existed 130 years ago – is a valuable relic in many aspects: culture, history, art sculpture. But, beyond the existing structures that are the cultural values of the intangible. It is compassionate lifestyle ethics, religion means of Gods are worshiped, but the years have become cultural expression, behavior Tam Tan wealthy villager and patriotism of the majority of our fellow citizens. Thay Thim Palace and the area is an invaluable asset of the village of Tam Tan. Assets that can not suddenly, but it was created by many generations. Not to be created in a simple way that the long process of historical, with contributions from many emotional and effort of many generations.

    Location: Ngo Duc Ton – Thon Tam Tan – Tan Tien – Lagi Town – Binh Thuan Province.

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